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August 14, 2018    Tomahawk 8/25 Race Announcements

On Saturday, 8/25, we get back to Tomahawk for what has historically been one of our best and most well-attended events of the season.        We will be running with AHRMA at this event, and the full announcement set is below.       Still lots of racing left in the final 3 events of the 2018 series, so let’s make it a good turnout.


  • There will be  Tomahawk classes for 85cc (run with Beginner150) and 65cc/50cc riders (run at intermission and the end of the raceday program).   Note that small wheel 85cc machines are ineligible to run in the Beginner150 class, but will run off Gate 2 with the Beginner150 class.    
  • Our AHRMA partners will be joining us for the Saturday, August 25 Tomahawk race
  • Beginner class riders may not also ride in C class motos.    If you are a Beginner, that is the only class you can ride until you are ready to move up.


  • This is a Saturday event for Masters MX.
  • Gate Fee $15    
  • Entry Fee $35 / class
  • Laps: 8 for A classes, 6 for Masters B/C, 5 for Beginner 
  • Trophies: 1 for every 4 riders (to 5th)      ** no race day payout for A classes


  • Gates Open 6:30AM
  • Signup Open 7:00AM-9:00AM
  • Rider's Meeting 8:30AM
  • Practice Begins 9:00AM    ** 15 min per session
  • Racing Begins 10:15AM


If you’re not on the Masters MX email group, send a request to MASTERSMX@VERIZON.NET and we’ll get that taken care of.


Tim Titcomb

Masters MX 2018