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September 30, 2018    Happy Ramblers 9/29 Race  Report

Best efforts win again !       Much like the rest of our season, we arrived at Happy Ramblers for our final event under clear, sunny skies but faced…… you guessed it…. the “m” word after significant rains pounded the region through the week.      Prep on Fri and before practice had many sections looking promising but there was still a lot of wet to get through.       After practice, we took a pause for some mud pushing and grooming, and the first moto’s had decent racing conditions on most parts of the track.     After intermission, the HRMC club put another round of best efforts into a full grooming with the result being a very nice track for the second set of moto’s.       Thanks go out to Happy Ramblers M/C for giving us their best efforts to make the day of racing fun and successful once more !

Now, on to new business:

  • HRMC 9/29 results are posted.    Please check them carefully for accuracy, as they drive final standings for the season.
  • If there was a points tie for final standings, it was resolved based on best finishes.
  • Masters MX 2018 season award winners are marked in blue.
  • If you have any suggestions for special recognition awards or some fun harassment for your friends that can be put on a plaque, please let me know asap. 

 Our year-end awards ride is scheduled for Saturday, 11/3.      Based on how the rest of the season has gone, my advice is to keep your snow shovel handy…..


If you’re not on the Masters MX email group, send a request to MASTERSMX@VERIZON.NET and we’ll get that taken care of.


Tim Titcomb

Masters MX 2018