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June 20, 2018     Southfork 6/23 Race Announcement **UPDATE**

 A couple of announcements re: our upcoming race at Southfork: 

  • Transponder Fees:    Transponder deposits CAN be made with credit cards.     The card will not be charged unless you fail to return the transponder.
  • Goin’ Racing !!!     There’s already some social media concern about weather.     I guarantee everybody that comes that we will have weather.      What it will be, that’s TBD right now, but we’ll know for certain by Saturday night.      The weather forecasters will know shortly after we do.   The best info at the moment is that there’s a chance of scattered showers, and we don’t cancel events for chances of scattered showers.       So we’re going racing this weekend……are you ?

June 11, 2018     Southfork 6/23 Race Announcements

 On Saturday, June 23, the Masters MX series ventures south to visit Southfork MX Park for the first time (really this year, not like last year's rainout).     Southfork has been THE most requested track not already on our schedule for the past several years, with many fans and compliments about the track, the facilities, and the operation that Jon and Connie Kelly and their team have put together for their practices and races.     Southfork is located a little bit past Richmond, VA, and we all recognize that's a bit further outside our normal geo area.     And speaking of things new and different, we will be running the 6/23 Southfork Masters MX race on the same weekend as MAMA will be at Southfork, and we are looking at this combination as an experiment that offers potential benefit for Masters MX, the Kellys, and MAMA.     Rest assured that this will still be run as a Masters MX event and the things that are important to our series and our riders will remain intact, such as MORE TIME ON THE TRACK, LESS TIME AT THE TRACK and a consolidated moto schedule that gets us in and out in reasonable time.     In order to help make this work for people and have the event be a success, several adjustments to our normal program have been made: 

Ø  Friday practice available 10AM - 4PM

Ø  Free overnight camping

Ø  9AM rider's meeting start

Take a look at the full race announcement set below, and start making plans now to be part of the Southfork experience.    See you there !


Southfork MX Park web site for info, directions:

Address & Amenities:          5858 Baxter Rd, Disputanta, Virginia 23842 

       ** see the Southfork website for Hotel suggestions and locations



  • MAMA will be handling operations and doing the scoring for this event using TRANSPONDERS.     This is new to Masters MX, and we will work with the program as follows:
    1. All riders will need a transponder to be scored.
    2. There will be no net additional cost to riders for using Transponders at the Southfork event.
    3. A $75 deposit will be required at signup if you need a Transponder to use for the day.    The same Transponder can be used on two bikes as long as you can transfer and secure it between your motos.    If you forget, you will not be scored.
    4. When the assigned Transponder is returned undamaged at the end of the event, a full refund of your $75 deposit will be made.
  • At the Saturday, 6/23 Southfork event, we will run a 15 moto format, with 12 Masters MX motos + 3 MAMA motos
  • The rider's meeting will start at 9AM to allow for increased travel time, and practice will start immediately thereafter..




  • The Friday practice sessions are open to Masters MX and others, with track operations run by Jon and Connie Kelly of Southfork MX.
  • Gates Open      9AM
  • Practice           10AM - 4PM
  • Gate Fee          $15 pp will be collected if you are staying for the weekend (covers Saturday and Sunday as well)    
  • Practice Fee     $30  There will be several practice sessions starting at 10AM.   Advanced, Intermediate and Beginner groupings.
  • Early Signup     7:30PM - 9:00PM



  • This is a Saturday event for Masters MX, open to MAMA riders and local Southfork-area participants, with track operations run by MAMA. 
  • Gate Fee $15     *** MAMA will refund $5 of your gate fee if you leave the facility within 2 hours of the end of racing.
  • Entry Fee $35 / class for all classes       
  • Laps: 8 for A classes, 6 for Masters B/C, 5 for Beginner 
  • Trophies: 1 for every 4 riders (to 5th)      ** Reminder:  no race day payout for A classes



  • Gates Open        6:30AM
  • Signup Open      6:30AM-9:00AM 
  • MAMA Practices    7:30AM - 9:00AM
  • Rider's Meeting   9:00AM
  • Practice Begins   9:30AM    ** 15 min per session
  • Racing Begins    10:30AM

 ** Schedule permitting, MAMA will run a 2nd round of MAMA practice sessions after the motos end.


If you’re not on the Masters MX email group, send a request to MASTERSMX@VERIZON.NET and we’ll get that taken care of.


Tim Titcomb

Masters MX 2018