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October 31, 2018    Masters MX Year End Awards Event **RESCHEDULED TO 11/4 **

As we conclude the 2018 mud-o-cross season, it should come as no surprise that there is still another challenging weather-related decision to make.      The forecast for Friday and Saturday calls for rain, so we must postpone the year-end awards ride by a day until sunshine and clear weather return on Sunday.     Here’s the back story: 

  • I rode at Tomahawk today, and the track was still very soft from this past weekend’s rain.    With more rain on Friday, it will need time on Saturday to dry out and be worked before our ride.
  • Awards and door prizes cannot be set up and handed out under rainy conditions without damage.     And who really wants to stand in the rain to collect the goodies?
  • Other than Sunday, we would not have another opportunity for the event at Tomahawk until Nov 17 since MAMA had to reschedule their event from last weekend.     And there would be no guarantee of good, warm weather even then.

 So we’ll hold the 2018 Masters MX year-end program on Sunday, 11/4.     Hope you can make it, and remember to set your clock back by 1 hour on Saturday night.


On Sunday, 11/4, we will once again gather at Tomahawk to hold our 2018 year-end awards program.        This year we’re going to mix things up a little bit and start the awards program at 10AM so everyone can enjoy a solid day of riding afterwards.        We’ve got over 100 awards and boxes of door prizes from our very generous sponsors…..the only things we need now are a little cooperation from the weather department…. AND YOU !

 Here's the key information about the awards/ride day program: 

  • 8:30AM                Tomahawk Opens      Gate Fee:   $25 for Masters MX riders and guests
  • 10:00AM              Awards Program & Door Prize Drawings Starts
  • 11:30AM              Awards Program & Door Prize Drawing Completes…..Go Ride !!
  • 5:00PM                Track Closes / Riding Ends

 If you don’t think you’ll make it, please make an effort to have a friend pick up your award(s) for you so they don’t have to be mailed.

 Final Thought:    Based on how this year has gone, you might want to pack a snow shovel just in case….

 See everyone at Tomahawk !


If you’re not on the Masters MX email group, send a request to MASTERSMX@VERIZON.NET and we’ll get that taken care of.


Tim Titcomb

Masters MX 2018